Greg is a medical device engineer by day having designed medical device products from DNA microfluidic analyzers to implantable glucose sensors. His passion is developing medical breakthroughs for improving healthcare and our quality of life. He is also the creator of the legendary DaleBeam photo trigger with his former company Dale Instruments Inc. The first of its kind, the DaleBeam has been used by photographers world-wide for science, military, nature, and commercial work snapping pictures from leaping frog to supersonic bullets.

Greg focuses his professional photographic work on a wide variety of subjects including science & technology, nature, people, and travel themes. Available for unique assignments, Greg can capture those rare high-speed photographic events never captured before. He brings his designer’s eye to the composition and creation of his images. With a camera always in hand, he is always prepared for those unexpected and moments of serendipity. His images are represented by the National Geographic Image Collection.

Greg lives in Boston with his wife and two children. He can be reached at [email protected].